Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical Panel Upgrades in De Pere, WI

Your electrical panel is the main distributor of power for your home. While it may not be a home fixture you think about every day, it is vital in your daily life. That’s why sometimes electrical panel upgrades are necessary to keep your home’s electricity running correctly and to protect you from electrical dangers like shocks or fires. The licensed and insured team at Electrical Synergies will complete your residential electrical panel upgrade safely and efficiently.

Are you looking for a dependable electrician in De Pere, WI who can restore your home’s power or upgrade your electrical system? The master electricians at Electrical Synergies are skilled in electrical panel upgrades and can help you replace your home’s outdated system with safer materials. Don’t hesitate to contact us online, or give us a call at (920) 660-2405.


Electrical Panel Upgrades in De Pere, Wisconsin Electrical Synergies


What Does Your Electrical Panel Do?

Electricity from your utility company flows through your home’s electrical chain of command, moving from your electric meter to your electrical panel and through your home’s wiring to your outlets and devices. Since your electrical panel is the first receiver of power, it must safely distribute and control electricity before it’s sent through your home. Your electrical panel’s safety checks keep your wiring from overloading, overheating, and frying your outlets or devices. 

Common Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

You likely need an electrical panel upgrade if your electrical system is frequently experiencing power outages, causing fuses to blow out or circuit breakers to trip often, or emitting burning smells. It’s essential to call an electrician for any repairs or replacement services for your electrical system because wiring presents both electrocution and fire hazards in your home.

Services For Electrical Panel Upgrades in De Pere, WI 

Our electrical panel upgrade services in De Pere, WI include electrical panel installation, electrical panel replacement, electrical panel repair, electrical panel wiring, and electrical panel surge protector installation and repairs. We can help you install a safe electrical panel that supports modern devices and your family’s energy consumption.

Electrical Panel Installation

Our electrical panel installation services in De Pere, help to enhance your home with the inclusion of modern electrical features. We can show you ways to make your electrical system safer and more tailored to your daily preferences. Our electrical panel installation services satisfy how much energy your home requires to operate and help power your devices efficiently.

Electrical Panel Replacement

Electrical panel replacement is typically necessary anywhere from 25 to 40 years after its initial installation. Proper electrical panel maintenance is vital to keeping your unit strong and for withstanding a longer lifespan. You should get your electrical panel inspected at least once a year to prevent major issues or an early electrical panel replacement.

If you’re looking for a highly-skilled and trustworthy electrician in De Pere for electrical panel replacement or electrical inspections, give Electrical Synergies a call today at (920) 660-2405.

Electrical Panel Repair

Electrical panel repairs keep your lights on and your appliances powered. If your home requires an electrical panel repair, we will show up promptly and address any electrical concerns you have about your home. Regular maintenance is also helpful in catching electrical panel repair needs early and solving minor issues before they become bigger problems.

Electrical Panel Wiring

Our electrical panel wiring services can help you remove outdated wires from your home and replace them with updated materials that are grounded and safe. We can help you maintain both your main panel’s wiring and any sub-panels throughout your home. Safe electrical wiring is vital to keep your power delivery system strong and to avoid electrical fires.

Electrical Panel Surge Protector


Surge protectors commonly look like power strips and allow you to plug in devices and appliances. However, along with powering your chargers or other home products, they also protect your devices from damaging power surges. Whole-home electrical panel surge protector integration takes the process one step further, protecting your entire home from surges. 

Electrical Synergies Provides Useful Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical Synergies has been serving the Northeast Wisconsin area with reliable electrical repair and replacement services for over 20 years. As a fully licensed and insured company, our customers know they are getting high-quality services and the most reliable products on the electrical market today. We’d love to work on your electrical project next!

Does your home require a residential electrical panel upgrade? Electrical Synergies is the trusted electrician in De Pere, WI. We put customer satisfaction and safety first, and our electrical services give homeowners peace of mind that their installations or electrical improvements were handled right. Contact us online today to book your services, or give us a call at (920) 660-2405.