Wrightstown, WI

Electrician in Wrightstown, Wisconsin

The safetyElectrician Services in Wrightstown of the electrical system in your home is important. Hundreds of house fires are reported each year as the result of an electrical failure, and many could be prevented with the help of licensed electricians who care about you and your home. When you want the best services for your home, you can call Electrical Synergies, LLC. We work hard to be a leader in our industry by combining exemplary customer service with the highest quality of work.

Electrical Services for Residential and Commercial Properties

Our team is made up of prodigiously skilled electrical experts with specialties in many different areas. As a result, we can serve the owners of both residential and commercial properties with equal competence. The needs of our customers in the Wrightstown area range from small electrical repair services to major rewiring projects. We approach each job with the same commitment to excellence and the same enthusiasm for improving our customers’ lives through our craft. 

Energy Audits and Efficiency Upgrades

Efficiency is desirable in homes and businesses, both as a means of saving money and as a way to reduce your ecological footprint. Both can be achieved through energy audits and efficiency upgrades. At Electrical Synergies, we have formed a partnership with Focus on Energy to help you better understand the energy usage of your home. After your audit, we can help you make changes by recommending electrical upgrades, such as automatic lighting, that can immediately reduce your electrical usage.

Security Camera Installation

As technology has increased, security camera installation has become more accessible to homes and small businesses. Sophisticated systems are more affordable and easier to manage, while still maintaining all of the original benefits. Our electricians near Wrightstown can help design and install a system that will effectively reduce criminal activity and provide you with valuable information in the event of a crime or incident.

Repair and Maintenance Services

Repair and maintenance services hold a place of equal importance at Electrical Synergies. We understand that electrical systems that are properly maintained and inspected regularly have less of a need for major repairs. This is good news for home or business owners who take advantage of our affordable maintenance services.

When an unexpected problem does arise with your system, you can count on us for 24/7 emergency electrical services. We have the fastest response times in Wrightstown and a proclivity for prompt diagnosis and repair.  When you need “electricians near me,” we are here to help.

Installation and Replacement Services

The wiring in your home may not look like a piece of artwork, but it takes a high level of craftsmanship and inventiveness to design an electrical system that is safe, functional, and accessible. An improperly designed system can be aggravating as you struggle to find an outlet where you need one, or you have to fill your home with floor lamps to make up for insufficient lighting. With our electrical installation services, you are guaranteed a layout that is convenient from floor to ceiling. From smoke detector installation services to EV charger installation services and everything in between, Electrical Synergies has got you covered. We also offer expert electrical panel upgrade services to ensure that you never have to reset your circuit breakers again!

Electrical Distribution Systems

Without electrical distribution systems, you would be unable to safely utilize the electricity in your home. Transformers, electrical panels, and more reduce voltage and make it usable by distributing it properly to your home or business. Because these systems are so important, we specialize in maintenance and repair as well as safety inspections for electrical distribution systems.

Whole House Generator Installation and Maintenance

When so much of our comfort and livelihood depends upon electricity, it becomes imperative to protect this resource by investing in a generator. Generators are an important tool for individuals who have medical devices that require electricity or for businesses that need to continue operations even when the power is out. A standby generator can generate enough electricity to power your computers, HVAC system, appliances, and more. Our Wrightstown electricians install and service generators in the area.

Egress Lighting and Electrical Inspections

When working together with illuminated exit signs, egress lighting can allow for a safe and orderly exit from the building in case of a power outage. Emergency lighting is strictly regulated by the NEC, so we also provide electrical inspections to ensure your building is in line with these codes. If you need these services from “electrical contractors near me,” call us today.

It is important for electrical contractors to be passionate about excellence, and dedicated to warm and friendly customer service. We have spent years perfecting our electrical service model and we are proud of the quality that we offer to our customers. If you are searching for an expert electrician in Wrightstown, call Electrical Synergies, LLC today!