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Electrician in Howard, Wisconsin

Now more than ever before, electricity plays a central role in our everyday lives. That’s why it’s important to know local electricians in Howard that you can trust. But instead of Googling “electricians near me,” contact the electricians at Electrical Synergies, LLC.

WithElectrical Services in Howard more than 20 years of experience, Electrical Synergies, LLC has the knowledge and training to help you with all of your electrical repair and installation needs. Having served the Howard area since 2014, we know the kinds of problems you have to deal with…we’ve seen it all. We offer both residential and commercial electrical services, making sure the job gets done right, on time, and on budget.

All of our electricians in Howard are certified, licensed, and insured, and we are continually training our staff on new technologies and techniques. We proudly offer the following services.

Electrical Repair

When it comes to your home, you rely on a safe, steady supply of power. When things go wrong, it impacts your life in a number of ways.

Electrical Synergies, LLC can help you with:

Wiring Upgrades

Many of the older homes in Howard have outdated wiring, which can pose several risks to your home. Older styles of wiring, like aluminum wires or knob and tube systems, can’t handle the amount of electricity running through a modern home. We can help you to upgrade your system to current building codes.

Wiring Repairs

Sometimes, even properly installed wiring can malfunction. It doesn’t matter if it happens because of a short or because someone accidentally severed a cable. We can help to get your electrical wiring up and running again.

Electrical Distribution Systems

Panels, transformers, and other elements of your electrical distribution system stand at the center of your power supply. In order to ensure that the power to your home or business keeps flowing, these systems need to be maintained. Our electricians can perform inspections of your electrical distribution system, making any necessary repairs that will keep everything running smoothly.

Circuit Breakers

The power requirements of the average home continue to grow, and it’s important that your circuit breakers can handle the increasing demand. In addition to fixing broken circuits, our electricians can install new breakers or an entirely new breaker panel, if needed, to keep your power flowing.

Energy Efficiency

Electrical Synergies, LLC is a Focus on Energy Ally. We’re committed to helping you make your home as energy-efficient as possible. Not only will you help the environment—you’ll end up saving money, too.

Electrical Installation

Whether you’re building a new structure or adding on to your current building, we offer a wide range of installation services to make your life easier, including:

Interior and Exterior Lighting Installation

You tell us where you want your fixtures, and we’ll help you install them. From running power to affixing the lights in place, we’ll make sure your lighting not only looks great but is safe, too. For our exterior lighting, you can choose between spotlights or floodlights. We can install motion sensors, as well.

Switches and Outlets Installation

In addition to installing your lighting, we can install or move light switches for you. We’ll make sure your switches are located in convenient places, so you don’t have to fumble around for them in the dark.

We also install and repair electrical outlets. If your home is full of extension cords or you have power strips plugged into power strips, we can help you determine where to add additional outlets that are not only more convenient but are safer, as well.

Security Systems and Cameras/CCTV Installation

Our electricians can work with you to help set up your home security system. Together, you can design and implement a system that will keep your home and your family safe.

Whole House Generator Installation

Electrical Synergies is proud to install only Generac generators. These machines run on either natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel. When the power goes out, this generator gets to work. You don’t even need to touch a button or flip a switch!

EV Charger Installation

As technology improves, electric vehicles have become more efficient and affordable. If you have decided to make the switch, then you will need a home EV charger. Keep in mind that an EV charger installation is not a DIY project, as it involves potentially dangerous electrical currents. At Electrical Synergies, LLC, our electricians offer a full array of electric vehicle charger installation services.

Electrical Safety

Electrical Synergies is committed to providing the residents of Howard with safe and reliable power through the following services:

Emergency Generators

No one knows when the power will go out. When you install an emergency generator, you’ll be prepared in the event that it does.

Egress Lighting

For commercial enterprises, buildings are required to have emergency lighting in case of emergency power loss. We’ll help you install and maintain your egress lighting systems, including exit signs.

Fire Alarms

Required by law, fire alarms can be ineffective if they’re not maintained. We’ll make sure your fire alarms are in working order.

Electrical Inspections

Electrical safety inspections can help ensure the safety of your property, devices, and the people you care about.

Electrical Contractors Near Me

If you’re looking for an electrical contractor in the Howard area, call or contact us at Electrical Synergies, LLC. We guarantee top-quality work, meaning you can rest assured that your electrical system is in the right hands. Let us be your go-to electrician in Howard!