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Over a hundred years ago, people could have lived without electricity; nowadays, so much of our lives depend on it. Electricity is not a luxury; it is a necessity. At Electrical Synergies, our goal is to ensure that you have electricity. We also understand the intricacies involved in making sure your electrical system is not a hazard to you and your family. We are proud to end your search for a reliable electrical contractor in Greenleaf. 

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We Offer a Wide Variety of Electrical Services in Greenleaf

No matter what your electrical requirements are, our trusted electricians in Greenleaf, WI, can meet them! What’s better is that our services won’t break the bank, either. If you are constructing a new home and need everything from lighting installation to outlet and switch installations. Perhaps you just need some electrical upgrades and repairs; Electrical Synergies have just the right expertise! In addition to that, you’ll also find that we have the friendliest electricians in Greenleaf, WI.

Electrical Installations in Greenleaf

Electrical Synergies have a variety of electrical installation services to suit your unique needs. If you have a new structure that needs lighting installations, our team will see that it is done. Perhaps you have an existing building that needs more lighting; we can handle that. In addition, we offer recessed lighting, which is installed in hollow spaces in the ceiling. This type of lighting is perfect for spacious rooms in need of bright light. 

We can also assist with outlet and switch installations. Having too many devices plugged into one outlet can overload it; we strongly advise that you install more outlets to remedy this. Our electricians can do this quickly and efficiently. 

Electrical Repairs in Greenleaf

If you have an outlet that isn’t working, the best contractor in Greenleaf will know just what to do. It may just be the switch that needs replacing, or it could be a problem with the outlet itself. Nonetheless, a faulty outlet is a waste of valuable space – let us take care of it. 

If you notice strange noises and a burning smell coming from your distribution system, seek immediate assistance, as this can be hazardous. Often, the electrical panel is too old and needs to be replaced. Call us out for a quote to keep your house safe, and we will take care of all your electrical upgrades. It is important to us to tackle electrical repairs in Greenleaf before they cause permanent damage to your property. 

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EV Charger Installation

The future is here and has been for a long time. Electric vehicles are becoming more common, and for good reason – they are environmentally friendly. We support your decision to buy an electric vehicle, and we show our support by providing EV charger installation services for your home. Although some may claim that this is a DIY job, this is a very challenging and dangerous job that should fall on the shoulders of a qualified electrician in Greenleaf, WI. 

Electrical Inspections in Greenleaf

If you have just moved into a new home, why not arrange for an electrical inspection to ensure that all the outlets work? More importantly, we can find any potentially dangerous issues with the wiring and electrical panel on the property. As electrical contractors in Greenleaf, we are happy to administer these inspections, keep residents safe and provide peace of mind. 

Generator Installation

Power outages can be an inconvenience. Without electricity for long periods, food can spoil, and we are unable to charge or power necessary devices like phones and computers. Although these outages are usually harmless, they can be severe during storms and hurricanes. In dire times like those, you need electricity. We can help keep the lights on Greenleaf with our whole house generator installation. Electrical Synergies is a licensed and insured company, we will install your generator properly and safely, so you can utilize the full benefit of being able to power your home. 

Need Electrical Services in Greenleaf? Call Electrical Synergies!

The team at Electrical Synergies provides top-notch electrical services, and we always put the safety of our customers first. From our installations to our electrical inspections in Greenleaf, we want our customers to enjoy the gift of electricity and all the innovations it can supply power to. 

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