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Electricity powers our lives, whether in the office or at home. To keep that electricity flowing safely day and night, it’s important to have an electrician you can trust.If you find yourself searchingElectricians serving Green Bay Google for electricians in Green Bay, look no further. Electrical Synergies, LLC has been serving the Green Bay area since 2014, and with more than 20 years of experience, we have the knowledge to meet all of your electrical installation and repair needs. We offer a wide range of electrical services for both residential and commercial buildings, and we make sure projects are finished safely, efficiently, and on budget.

Our licensed electricians are committed to providing NE Wisconsin a high level of customer service. All our electricians are certified, licensed, and insured, and are experienced in a broad range of electrical services. We provide the highest quality work from beginning to end, meaning you can rest easy knowing your electrical systems will stand the test of time.


We specialize in the following services:

Electrical Installation

Our professional electricians have been servicing homes and businesses around Green Bay since 2014. We have expertise in a number of electrical installation services, including:

Interior Lighting Installation – We install the fixtures and run power to all lighting installations, working with you to get the placement just right while ensuring the wiring is up to the highest standards.

Switches Installation – We safely install light switches where you want them, to make sure they work for you

Exterior Lighting Installation – We install exterior fixtures that are visually appealing while also adding to your safety. We also install floodlights and spotlights, which can be installed with motion sensors.

Security Systems and Cameras/CCTV Installation – Our electricians can help you with your security needs, helping you design and implement a security setup that will protect your investments.

Cables and Lines Installation – We offer a wide range of installation services, including cable and phone lines, audio systems, and voice, data, and fiber optics lines. 

EV Charger Installation  As technology improves, electric vehicles have become more efficient and affordable. If you have decided to make the switch, then you will need a home EV charger.

Whole House Generator Installation Electrical Synergies is proud to install only Generac generators. These machines run on either natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel. When the power goes out, this generator gets to work. You don’t even need to touch a button or flip a switch!

Electrical Repair and maintenance

Whether your electrical system has broken down or you’re looking to upgrade, Electrical Synergies, LLC can help with:

Electrical Distribution Systems Think of this as the heart of your electrical system. Panels, transformers, and other parts of the electrical system need regular maintenance to ensure that the power supply to your home or business doesn’t break down. We offer system inspections as well as electrical repairs to keep you humming.

Circuit Breakers Power needs are greater than ever, and it’s important to ensure your circuit breakers are up to the task. We can add breakers, fix broken circuits, and even install new panels, to make sure you never run short on power.

Wiring Upgrades and Repairs Times change, and so does technology. Many homes and offices in Green Bay are older construction, which means you may need to upgrade your wiring. We can repair or replace aluminum wiring and knob and tube systems, making your space safer and more efficient.

Energy Efficiency Improving the energy efficiency of your home or business will lower your utility and maintenance costs. We are a Focus on Energy Ally, meaning we are committed to providing you the most cost-efficient efficiency upgrades possible—upgrades that usually end up paying for themselves.

Electrical Safety

Our electricians are committed to providing you with safe, reliable power. But our commitment to safety goes even further. We offer the following safety services:

Emergency Generators Power can go out for any number of reasons, and when it does, it’s usually at the worst time. By installing an emergency generator, we can help you prepare for the worst.

Egress (Emergency) Lighting Egress lighting is installed in commercial buildings, to provide emergency light should the power go out. We install and maintain egress lighting systems, including exit signs, to make sure your business remains up to required code standards.

Fire Alarms These critical pieces of safety are not just useful—they’re the law. We can help you make sure that your fire alarms are in working order, and make sure you’re outfitted with the latest technology, which detects smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide.

Code Violations Nobody expects it to happen, but occasionally electrical systems can be faulty. We can inspect your home or business electrical systems to ensure that your system is up to code. And if it’s not, we’ll make sure to fix it so that it is.

Electrical Inspections – Electrical safety inspections can help ensure the safety of your property, devices, and the people you care about.

Contact Electrical Synergies, LLC if you’re searching for electrical contractors or electrical installation near me today. Let us be your trusted electrician in Green Bay!