Generator Installation

Generator Installation in De Pere, WI

De Pere, WI may be a beautiful place to live, but it’s not known for year-round warmth and constantly sunny skies. The winters here get cold, snowy, and windy, creating perfect conditions for downed power lines and unexpected outages. If you don’t have a backup generator, those sometimes prolonged outages will leave the whole family stuck in the dark. Whole house generator installation in De Pere offers the perfect solution.

Electrical Synergies has been working with Northeast Wisconsin homeowners to complete generator installations for years, so we know how much of a difference having one can make not just during power outages, but during any storm. After a backup generator installation, our customers routinely report feeling safer and more secure, knowing as they do that we only install the highest-quality generators. When you need a generator installation company that you can rely on, give us a call. We’re always here to help.


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Are you looking for a dependable electrician in De Pere, WI and the surrounding areas who can provide expert generator installation services? The master electricians at Electrical Synergies are highly-skilled, and will always get the job done right the first time. Don’t hesitate to contact us online, or give us a call at (920) 660-2405 for more information.

The Importance of High-Quality Generator Installation

Not every electrician in De Pere, WI, can install backup generators, and most local generator installation companies cut corners by using cheap equipment. You’ll never have to worry about that when you trust Electrical Synergies with your whole home generator installation. We only install industry-leading Generac products. They offer clean, efficient, long-lasting power with no need for extension cords. Plus, you’ll barely notice a sound after your Generac generator installation. When the power goes out, the home’s generator will turn on automatically and the transition will be so smooth you may not even notice.

How Backup Generators Work

Unlike portable generators, which must be kept outside and constantly refueled, backup generators are integrated into the home’s electrical system. There’s no need to worry about storage or refueling, and you’ll never have to run extension cords out to the yard. After a whole house generator installation, the whole family will be able to continue using power the same ways they always have.

When you work with a respected Electrical Synergies electrician in De Pere, WI, the backup generator installation process will always begin in the same way: with a full assessment of the home’s current electrical system and its residents’ needs. Some people want to power their entire homes, while others prefer to focus on just a few essential items to keep generator installation costs low.

Once it’s clear how much power the family will need, our expert electricians can evaluate the surrounding landscape to find the perfect place to install the new generator. This process begins with pouring a concrete pad, which allows the generator to be mounted securely in place. Once it’s mounted, all that’s left is to hook it up to the home’s electrical system. 

Factors That Influence Generator Selection

Before suggesting a Generac generator installation, our technicians will carefully evaluate which model will be the best fit. This requires taking several factors into account, the most important of which is capacity. Our team will evaluate your home’s current electrical and other home support systems, including its heating and cooling systems, to make sure everything can stay up and running during outages. 

The second factor that will influence what model we suggest is what kind of infrastructure you already have for fuel. While some generator installation companies limit themselves to installing models that use one particular fuel type, we can do it all. Most models run off of propane or natural gas, but we’ll only be able to perform a natural gas generator installation if you’re already hooked up to the municipal gas grid. Otherwise, a propane tank will be the best option for powering the generator.

The Generac Difference

It’s surprisingly common for homeowners to assume that they can simply purchase portable generators and use those to keep their families safe and warm during power outages. In reality, portable generators provide very little power, and they can be dangerous when used inappropriately. Generac generators, on the other hand, are high-quality, permanently installed backup generators designed to power entire homes with ease. We only work with this esteemed brand because we believe they provide the highest quality of products and the best value for your money.

Trust Electrical Synergies With Your Generator Installation

If you’re looking for a trustworthy generator installation company in De Pere, WI, look no further than Electrical Synergies. We’re one of the top-rated electricians in De Pere for a reason. Our team of seasoned professionals has all the experience required to perform each whole home generator installation right the first time, and we’ll never charge you hidden fees.

Electrical Synergies is the trusted electrician in De Pere, WI. We put customer satisfaction and safety first, and our electrical services give homeowners peace of mind that their installations or electrical improvements were handled right. Contact us online today, or give us a call at (920) 660-2405 to schedule an appointment for service.