Meter Base Services

Meter Base Services in Green Bay

Your meter base is an essential component of your home’s electrical system. It’s the part of your meter that houses the meter components itself and allows for connection to your home’s electrical system for accurate measurement of your electricity use. All of the power that enters your home goes right through the meter base, so you need to know that it’s safe and reliable. The team of licensed and insured electricians at Electrical Synergies can provide all of your meter base services in Green Bay.

We can help with meter base installations, repairs, and relocating the base. Of course, whenever something is wrong with your home’s electrical system, we don’t expect you to know exactly what needs to be done. Just give our friendly team a call, and we’ll get to the real cause of any issues you’re having, whether that involves your meter base or another system.

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Professional Meter Base Services in Green Bay

There are many components that can affect your home’s meter base, and the team at Electrical Synergies can provide effective repairs for all of them. If your meter base is physically damaged or has exposed wiring, we can quickly provide effective meter base repairs to restore the safety and function of the meter base. We can also handle repairs for any overhead connections running to your meter base. Our licensed electricians can troubleshoot and repair this cable and its connections, which are often responsible for intermittent or flickering power in homes with older connections.

The weatherhead is an important component that often requires meter base repairs. This is the special, loose connection between the overhead cable and your home. It’s designed to allow wind and other weather to affect the cable without resulting in any issues. However, if it becomes damaged, it can be a serious hazard to your home’s electrical system. If you’re having trouble with your meter base or the overhead cable servicing it, don’t risk trying amateur repairs on your own. It isn’t the same as switching out a bad outlet or switch. You’re dealing with electricity directly from the mainline to your home’s electrical system and are at serious risk of severe electrocution. 

Meter base services can be confusing. Some homeowners may not know what they are responsible for versus what the utility company needs to handle. As professional electricians, the team at Electrical Synergies knows which components and meter base services are your responsibility and which you can call the utility company to handle. Count on Electrical Synergies for all of your meter base services in Green Bay.

Do You Need Meter Base Services?

There are many reasons why you might need a meter base installation or an electric meter base replacement. For one thing, your meter base could be damaged beyond the possibility of repair. This is typically the result of physical damage to the meter base, rather than faulty wiring or other electrical issues. In any case, you need a professional electrician to handle a meter base replacement. Even if the wiring is fine, replacing the meter base itself will involve disconnecting and handling that wiring. Homeowners don’t have the tools or experience to handle this kind of potentially dangerous electrical work safely.

You may need a meter base replacement simply because your meter base has gotten too old. They’re typically very well-built and can last for decades without issue. However, they do eventually reach a point where they’re still technically working but aren’t up to modern safety standards and codes. If your meter base isn’t up to code, it’s likely presenting serious electrocution or fire risks. It may be incompatible with modern electrical panels and other components. In any case, calling Electrical Synergies for our meter base services is the best way to get ahead of the issue and replace it before it’s too late.

While physical damage is the most common, you can also have trouble with the interior of the meter base. Slight damage could allow water or even pests to get inside, leading to corrosion and deterioration over the years. When the internal components are bad, the best move is to replace the meter base entirely.

Meter Base Relocating

Are you in the midst of a major renovation? It’s not uncommon for these kinds of renovations to involve changes to the home’s electrical system. If that’s the case, you may need to bring in professional electricians for meter base relocating services. Your meter base is typically somewhere near the home’s electrical panel. If it’s not where it should be, you may want to have it relocated.

Meter base relocation entails complex electrical work that’s required to ensure the safety of your home. Unless your meter base is practically brand-new, chances are such major alterations to your home’s electrical system should call for a new meter base anyway. That is especially the case if you’re also getting a new electrical panel or upgrading your electrical service.

Licensed Electricians in Green Bay

For any meter base services that you might need, you can count on the licensed electricians at Electrical Synergies. Our team has over 20 years of experience handling all kinds of electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance. We’ll ensure that your electrical meter base is both safe and reliable. We’re always upfront and honest with our customers at Electrical Synergies. 

For more information on our meter base services including electric meter base replacement, or to schedule a service with one of our electricians, contact us online or give us a call at (920) 660-2405. We are standing by to assist you.