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Electricity is often consideredAbrams Electrical Services a convenience, but working electricity is necessary for any home or commercial building in today’s world. It supplies the power to lights, appliances, devices, and more. Without it, many feel lost.

At Electrical Synergies, our team understands how important working electricity is for your home or business. Since 2014, we have been helping home and business owners in Abrams and the surrounding areas by offering quick, quality electrical services. All of our experienced electricians are licensed, certified, and insured. It is their mission and ours to provide our customers with the best possible service.

Our many electrical services in Abrams includes the following:

Electrical Installation 

Our team of electricians is experts at electrical installations. Each team member is equipped with the tools and skills necessary to install various devices and systems, including ceiling fan installation, security system installation, and so much more.

Interior and Exterior Lighting 

From indoor to outdoor fixtures to running power—our team can install lights where you want them or need them. With outdoor lighting, our electricians can also install timers and motion detectors.

Switches and Outlets 

Switches and outlets are essential parts of any building’s electrical system. Our team can install new switches, move existing switches, or install and move electrical outlets.

Security Systems

Security systems and cameras help keep a home or business safe. Our electricians can help design and install these systems to keep you, your family, or your business safe.

Cables and Lines

Aside from running electrical wires, our team can also correctly install cable and phone lines, audio systems, and data and fiber optic lines.

EV Chargers

One of the latest and greatest electrical devices is electrical vehicle chargers. Our team can also provide EV charger installation in Abrams so you can keep saving the planet.

No matter what device you need us to install, the electricians at Electrical Synergies can get it completed quickly and properly.

Electrical Repair 

Much like anything, electrical devices and systems often develop issues and require repair. Our professional electricians can diagnose several electrical problems and make the necessary repairs.

Wiring Repairs

Problems with wiring happen for many reasons, such as excess moisture or a severed cable. Our electricians can identify and fix these problems quickly or do any necessary rewiring.

Wiring Upgrades 

Many older homes and buildings in Abrams are equipped with wiring systems that simply cannot meet today’s power demands. Our team can replace older wiring to ensure your home or building’s power supply is constant and, most importantly, safe.

Electrical Distribution Systems

The electrical distribution system is the heart of a home or commercial building. It is what receives power from the electric company and tells it where to go. Having routine, professional maintenance on this system keeps your energy flowing without interruption and helps catch minor issues before they develop into much larger, more costly problems.

Circuit Breakers 

As your power demand grows, your circuit breakers will need to be upgraded. Our electricians can fix faulty breakers, add additional ones, or provide an electrical panel upgrade. We will ensure your circuit breaker system can handle your electrical needs.

While these are some of our more common electrical repair services, these are not the only ones our team can provide. We also offer other services like outlet repair. Contact us today for more information on electrical repairs and what we can do for you.

Electrical Safety 

One of the many benefits of electricity is the safety measures it helps homeowners take. For that reason, our team also offers electrical safety services.

Emergency Generators 

Installing an emergency generator ensures that you, your family, or your business will not be left in the cold if the power goes out. Our team can install them quickly and expertly.

Emergency Lighting 

In a home or a commercial building, emergency lighting keeps people safe as they move around in the dark, even when the power goes out. We can help install and maintain emergency lighting systems to keep you prepared for any emergency.

Fire Alarms 

Fire alarms help keep any kind of building safe. These necessary devices help save hundreds and hundreds of lives every year. To ensure your home or building is safe, our team can also provide smoke detector installation.

Safety is one of our top priorities, so we offer numerous electrical safety services in Abrams.

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Whether you need residential electric services or commercial electric services, Electrical Synergies is a highly-rated and trusted electrician in Abrams that is here to help!

Contact us today for more information or to schedule service for your home.