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Electrician in Sobieski, Wisconsin

At Electrical Synergies, our team isSobieski Electrical Services here to make sure your home or commercial building’s power is flowing where it needs to go. Since 2014, our electricians have been helping home and business owners in Sobieski and more with our quick, quality electrical services.

Our Electrical Synergies mission is to provide our customers with the best possible service at the best possible price. For that reason, each of our electricians is licensed, certified, and insured.

Our residential electric services and commercial electric services in Sobieski include the following:   

Electrical Installation

At Electrical Synergies, our team of experienced electricians are pros for electrical installations. They are each equipped with the tools and skills necessary to install several devices, systems, and more.

Our electrical installation services in Sobieski include the following:  

Switches and Outlets 

Two of the essential parts of a home or building’s electrical system are switches and outlets. Whether you want a switch installed or moved or an outlet installed or moved, our team can make it happen.  

Interior and Exterior Lighting 

Lighting can completely change and help any indoor or outdoor space. Our electricians can install indoor and outdoor fixtures as well as timers and motion detectors. 

Security Systems 

Light timers and motion detectors are not the only safety features our team can install. Our electricians can also help design and install security systems and cameras to help keep your home or business safe. 

Cables and Lines

Our expert electricians can do more than rewiring and installing electrical wires. They can properly install cable and phone lines, audio systems, and data and fiber optic lines.

Ceiling Fan Installation 

Ceiling fans help keep rooms and spaces cool at a fraction of the cost of air conditioners. That’s why our team loves installing them! 

EV Charger Installation

Some say that electric vehicles are the way of the future. With so many of these vehicles coming to market, our electricians have also become experts at installing home EV chargers in Sobieski. 

Electrical Repair

One of the biggest complaints about machines and technology is their need for repair. While it can be an inconvenience, our team of electricians does its best to make electrical repairs quick and easy for our customers in Sobieski.

Our electrical repair services include the following: 

Wiring Repairs and Upgrades 

Wiring issues can happen for a variety of reasons, including excess moisture or severed cables. Our electricians can identify and repair these issues quickly and do any needed rewiring.

In some older homes and buildings, the wiring often needs to be upgraded. Many older systems cannot keep up with today’s power needs. Our team will rewrite your home or commercial building so that it can handle your power needs safely and adequately.   

Electrical Distribution Systems

The heart of any home or commercial building’s power system is its electrical distribution system. It is what receives the power from your electric company and supplies it where it is needed.

Having routine maintenance on this system keeps your power flowing consistently and helps you catch minor issues before they can develop into much larger, more expensive problems to repair. 

Circuit Breakers 

As your home or building’s demand for power grows, upgrading your circuit breakers or having an electrical panel upgrade is essential. Our electricians can repair, add, or upgrade circuit breakers as needed. We will ensure your system can handle all of your electrical needs.

While these services are some of the most common, they are not the only ones we can provide. We offer several quick, quality repair services in Sobieski, such as outlet repair. 

Electrical Safety 

One of the most significant benefits electricity affords is increased safety. That is why our team provides our customers in Sobieski with electrical safety services, including the following:   

Emergency Generators 

An emergency generator ensures that you, your family, or your business will not be left entirely powerless during a blackout. Our electricians install them quickly and properly.  

Emergency Lighting 

Emergency lighting helps keep people safe as they move around in the dark, even during a power outage. Our team can install and maintain emergency lighting systems to keep you prepared for any emergency. 

Smoke Detector Installation and Repair 

Fire alarms and smoke detectors help keep homes, buildings, and people safe. Our team can install them anywhere they are needed to increase safety.

Safety is one of our top priorities at Electrical Synergies. That is why we offer several electrical safety services in Sobieski! 

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No matter the electrical service you need, at Electrical Synergies, our team is here to help with quick, quality installations, repairs, and more!

Contact us today for more information or to schedule a service with an expert electrician in Sobieski!