EV Charger Installation

EV Charger Installation

As technology improves, electric vehicles have become more efficient and affordable. If you have decided to make the switch, then you will need a home EV charger. Keep in mind that an EV charger installation is not a DIY project, as it involves potentially dangerous electrical currents. At Electrical Synergies, LLC, we offer a full array of electric vehicle charger installation services to the residents of Green Bay, WI. This includes electric car charger installation.

When you partner with us, we will send an experienced EV charging station contractor to your home to help you pick the right charger to meet your needs. Having an in-home charging option for your electric car will help you to get the most out of your environmentally friendly vehicle. 



Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Services

The first step in completing your home EV charger installation is to find the right charger for your home. The vast majority of electrical vehicles utilize a standard J1772 plug. However, there are several other considerations to keep in mind, such as:

  • Charger levels
  • Amperage
  • Supply

The charger level is important because it dictates the amount of voltage that will be present in your home charging system. The lowest option is a level 1, which operates at 110V. While this can charge your vehicle, it will take a while. That is why our team will likely recommend a 240V level 2 charger. The amperage of your system will influence the efficiency and speed of charging, as well. While all level 2 chargers utilize 240V, the amperage varies. For example, a 40-amp level 2 charger will offer a faster recharge speed than a 30-amp level 2 charger.

When planning an electric car charger installation, many homeowners simply ask for the highest amperage level 2 charger that’s available. This may sound good in theory, but we will need to ensure that your electrical panel can accommodate such a high demand. Your panel must have an available circuit breaker with the capacity required for your car’s EV charger installation. In addition, the National Electric Code dictates that a breaker be rated for 25% higher amperage than your charger. This means that you would be limited to a 32-amp charger on a 40-amp breaker.


Tesla Charger Installation

Most EVs utilize a standard plug. However, Teslas use their own proprietary charging system. Even though this plug will give you access to Tesla’s Supercharger network, having a home charging station is a must for optimal convenience.

Fortunately, the technicians at Electrical Synergies are experienced with Tesla-style charging systems, as well. During the installation process, our team will still need to assess your home’s electrical output. This will allow us to help you choose the most efficient charging station for your vehicle.


Why Do I Need a Professional Contractor?

Having your EV charging system installed by a professional is the best way to ensure that your electric vehicle charger functions as it should. Our highly-trained professionals will be able to determine your home’s maximum safe output capabilities.

Staying within these limitations is vital for the safe operation of your charger. An EV charging system that places an excessive amount of strain on your home’s electrical system can result in power outages. In severe cases, it can even result in expensive repairs. Our team can make sure that your charging system is installed the right way. If necessary, our licensed contractors can even upgrade your home’s electrical panel so that it can accommodate your new charging system.


How Fast Will My EV Charge?

The charge rate of your new system will vary depending on the amperage you use. A very low amperage charger may only add about 12 miles of range per hour. On the other hand, a high-efficiency 50-amp charging system can add nearly 40 miles of range per hour of charging time.

As you can see, the quality of your charging system will drastically affect how quickly you can get your vehicle back on the road. That is why you should get the best charger that your home can accommodate.


Call Electrical Synergies for EV Charger Installation Services

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If you need EV charger installation in Green Bay, Electrical Synergies can help. Our professionals can get your new charging station up and running in no time. We also offer a full lineup of commercial and residential electrical services. One of our licensed contractors is always available for emergency electrical repairs, too. Contact us today or give us a call at (920) 660-2405 for a FREE quote. We look forward to becoming your go-to EV charging station contractor!