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Electrician in Shawano, Wisconsin

While many improvements Electricians Serving Shawanoaround the house can be done with just a little bit of determination, time, and care, electrical services should always be done by a licensed electrician. Trying to repair your system or install a new fixture can be dangerous if you don’t have the right experience. At Electrical Synergies, LLC, we work hard to make our services affordable and convenient so that you never regret your choice to hire a professional for your electrical needs. Here are some of the services we offer to businesses and homes in the Shawano area.

Installation Services

If you find yourself searching for a convenient outlet or wishing you had a home that was better suited to your electrical needs, you may benefit from electricians near me. Depending on the appliances and devices that you need to power, you may need special outlets such as rotating or USB outlets. Your home may also be stuck in the past, forcing you to plug modern appliances into two-prong outlets or go without GFCI outlet protection in your bathroom or kitchen. Whether you need installations for safety reasons or just to make your home more comfortable, Electrical Synergies is here to get the job done right with our electrical installation services.

Repairs Services

Electrical problems can be both frustrating and alarming. If your breakers are tripping almost every day, you have outlets or switches that are no longer working, or you see signs of scorching near your outlets or electrical panel, you require fast electrical repair services. You should never ignore electrical problems. Paying for a repair will be far less costly in the long run than dealing with the consequences of an electrical failure.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Services

One of the first things we do in the morning is turn on the lights. The lighting that we have inside our homes and businesses defines the space and determines whether the room is bright and cheerful, or muted and moody. We understand that lighting preferences are dependent on the taste of each customer, so we come to each project with a determination to help the image in your mind become a reality.

In addition to interior lighting, we also specialize in external lighting for both homes and businesses. We can install and repair motion sensor lighting, pathway lighting, pole lighting, and more. Our electricians near Shawano know how to make your yard or landscaping just as beautiful at night as it is during the day.

Electrical Panel Services

If you have ever plugged your hairdryer, microwave, and vacuum into the same circuit and then experienced a local power outage, you experienced your electrical panel functioning as it was designed to. However, after time, electrical panels become old and will need to be repaired, replaced, or upgraded. When you start to experience problems such as a panel that is warm to the touch, singed wires, flickering lights, or frequent tripping breakers, you may need the services of a professional electrical installer in Shawano. We can help you determine whether your panel has enough amps and whether you need to replace or repair your panel. We also have advice for homeowners who still have a fuse box, and we can help you decide whether or not to upgrade to a circuit breaker.

Generator Services

Car accidents, strong storms, and other external factors can lead to several power outages per year in the Shawano area. Usually, these power outages are minor and power is restored within a few hours, but for some businesses or households, even a few hours is too long. Without power, many businesses cannot operate, and some individuals may lose access to important medical equipment without backup power. Our electricians are here to help you make a plan for these situations by installing quality generators that will keep your whole home running for days without electrical power.

Wiring Upgrades and Services

If your home is still sporting aluminum wiring from the 1960s, you are not alone. Many homes still have aluminum wiring, but this is not always a reason to have your whole home rewired. Often, electrical contractors near me can get away with replacing connections and making them safer. However, if your wiring poses a safety hazard, it may be time for our rewiring services.

At Electrical Synergies, we are excited for the opportunity to serve our friends in the Shawano area. We offer top-notch electrical services, including repairs, installations, and upgrades, and you can always rely on our speedy services and reasonable prices. Contact us today to connect with your new favorite electrician in Shawano!