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Electrician in Kaukauna, Wisconsin

If you haveElectricians Serving Kaukauna a home or a business in Kaukauna, WI, you are probably doing everything you can to take care of your property. Your electrical system is likely a priority because it is so essential for many of your daily responsibilities. Our electricians are here to take care of this vital system and keep it operating safely. At Electrical Synergies, LLC, we offer electrical services for residential and commercial properties in Kaukauna and the surrounding areas.

Electrical Installations

Throughout the years, you may need electrical upgrades or installations for your home or business. We are always here when the time comes to make improvements, and we always bring our creativity and our expertise. Whether you need new lighting, additional outlets, smart home automation, or a ceiling fan, we will provide the highest quality electrical installation services.

With all of our installations, you are guaranteed a timely arrival, affordable and honest pricing, and courteous customer service. We always work with you to find solutions that are energy-efficient, safe, and durable without breaking the budget. We spend time with each customer so that we can understand the unique needs of the home and the personal taste of every family.

Lighting Services

While many other parts of your electrical system are purely utilitarian, your lighting is also meant to be seen and enjoyed. It is important that is equally as beautiful as it is useful. To achieve this, you need the help of “electricians near me” who are comfortable and talented at balancing the two. Our team has 20 years of experience in transforming homes and businesses through expert lighting installation. We provide indoor lighting solutions as well as external lighting for parking lots or landscaping, and egress lighting for use in an emergency.

Electrical Panels

Electrical panels have increased in safety and practicality over the years. Today when an electrical danger occurs, or too much strain is put on a circuit, the breaker is tripped, and it only takes a simple flip of the switch to turn the power back on to that area. Some homeowners or business owners are still having to put up with a circuit panel that doesn’t support their electrical needs, and they may still have their old fuse box. When it is time for an upgrade or your panel needs a repair, you can call on our Kaukauna electricians at Electrical Synergies.


The power often goes out in inclement weather, leaving you without heat, refrigeration, and even water. This can be especially dangerous in subfreezing temperatures when your pipes are at risk of bursting and your home doesn’t have the heat it needs to keep your family warm through the night. However, many of these unfortunate situations can be remedied through the use of a reliable standby generator. At Electrical Synergies we are one of the few “electrical contractors near me” who sell, install, and service generators for homeowners and business owners in the Kaukauna area.

Wiring Upgrades and Services

The safety of your home depends upon the condition of the electrical wiring in your home. If you have old electrical wiring, your wiring has not been installed correctly, or there are loose connections behind your walls, your home may be at higher risk for fire.

If you have noticed any symptoms that your wiring needs an electrical repair, you can have your electrical wiring inspected by an electrician for any potential problems. We offer everything from small electrical wiring repairs to full rewiring services for customers who want to replace their aluminum wiring.

Smoke Detectors

While the best prevention against fires is frequent electrical inspections and repairs, it is essential to have reliable smoke detectors on every floor of your building as well as in bedrooms, near stairways, and in the living room. Interconnected smoke alarms are the safest and should always be installed by licensed electricians near Kaukauna.

Voice, Data, and Fiber Optics

The electrical needs of today’s society are different from what they were a few decades ago. We meet these needs by offering voice, data, and fiber optic needs to help your business and home stay up to date and connected.

We are passionate about providing homes and businesses in the Kaukauna area with electrical services that are more affordable and more exceptional. We like to set the standard high so that our customers can feel safer knowing that their electrical wiring, panels, and appliances are in perfect condition. Call us to learn more about our repair and installation services in your area, or to schedule an appointment with an expert electrician in Kaukauna.