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Surge Protection in De Pere, WI

Electronic devices are widely used throughout modern homes, making power surge protection essential today. The electronics found in homes are designed to make life easier, but when power surges happen, they can be damaged or destroyed. Thunderstorms aren’t the only cause of surges in homes. When someone wonders, do I need surge protection, the answer is usually yes.

That’s why experts like those at Electrical Synergies recommend whole house surge protection for most homes. We provide expert installation services to help make sure your home is protected from any surges, large and small, and that your home’s electrical system is safe.


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How Power Surges Happen

Excess energy that enters the home is considered a surge and something that a power surge protector can help protect against. Major surges can happen as a result of lightning, transformer explosions, and any issues with the external power lines, though lighting surge protection can help prevent damage from these concerns.

However, a power surge protector does more than just protect against large surges. Each day, smaller power surges happen that can impact the electronics in the home. They might not cause the electronics to stop working completely, but over time, the damage can add up, and it will become necessary to replace them. In the end, replacing electronics that die earlier than expected can end up costing a significant amount. 

The Basics of Surge Protection

Most homeowners start protecting expensive electronics by using power strips that have surge protection built in. These do offer some protection, but they’re not sufficient and can fail over time. Instead, an Electrical Synergies electrician in De Pere, WI, will recommend whole home surge protection to keep the electrical system as safe as possible. After a whole home surge protector installation, any surges are redirected away from the electrical system, preventing damage. The power goes into the ground wire, where it dissipates without causing harm. 

Opting for Whole House Surge Protection

Homeowners may wonder about the benefits of a surge protector vs power strip. Power strips are designed to protect against surges, but they can’t protect the whole electrical system. Instead, a whole house surge protector installation done by one of our expert electricians in De Pere, WI, can help to protect everything in the house. Our electricians can do the installation in only a few hours, and will make sure the system is set up properly to redirect any excess power. We will also test it, so you don’t have to worry about surge damage to your home’s electrical system anymore. 

Primary Benefits of Whole House Surge Protection

Homeowners considering a whole house surge protector installation should understand the benefits they’ll receive. The primary benefits of whole house surge protection include the following. 

Protect From Any Surges

When there’s a storm outside, lighting surge protection will protect the home from damage. Homes can also suffer smaller surges daily, and the power surge protection will protect against them, too. This keeps the entire electrical system safe from any surges, no matter if they’re large or small. 

Prevent Damage to Electronics

Homes have a lot of sensitive electronics that are connected to the home’s electricity. Phones, computers, tablets, televisions, and more are all plugged in throughout the day. Appliances like refrigerators and washing machines also have electronics in them, meaning they’re protected too with panel surge protection. Once whole home surge protection is installed, all of these devices and more are protected, which can help homeowners save on repairs and replacements.

Add to Protection from Power Strips

Power strips are handy to have around the home, but when it comes to surge protector vs power strip, the whole home system will always be better. A combination of both, however, can provide even more protection. Sensitive electronics benefit from their own protection on top of the panel surge protection that prevents surges from reaching the electrical system inside the home. 

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Homeowners often ask, do I need surge protection? It’s always a good idea to have a whole home surge protector installation done to help protect all the electronics within the home. With multiple small surges daily and the potential for much larger surges at any time, whole house surge protection is definitely worth the investment. It will help protect all electronics in the home, preventing excess wear and tear and helping to prevent repairs or replacements. If you’re interested in more protection for your home, count on Electrical Synergies to help with the installation and maintenance process.

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