Electrical Outlet and Light Switch Installation

Light Switch and Outlet Installation in De Pere, Wisconsin

Your outlets and light switches may be small and easy to overlook, but quality light switch and electrical outlet installation is a vital part of your home’s functionality. Your outlets are instrumental in powering all of your major appliances, devices, and electronics. Likewise, your light switches are necessary to provide any sort of reliable lighting throughout the home.

If you’re remodeling your home, building an addition, or hoping to upgrade a room or two, Electrical Synergies can install any outlets or light switches you need. That includes your typical outlets, GFCI outlets, regular light switches, as well as dimmer switches.

When scheduling service with Electrical Synergies, you can expect prompt and thorough service. One of our licensed electricians will come out to your home, inspect the space, provide an accurate quote, and install any equipment you need.



Electrical Outlet Installation

Your outlets are essential to running any equipment, appliances, and entertainment devices throughout your home. Some homes, especially older ones, may not have enough outlets to keep up with demand. In those instances, you’re left deciding what to keep plugged in or running to the store every month for more power strips to make everything work.

Other homes may have damaged or dead outlets that don’t work correctly or not at all. These are not only useless, but they’re also dangerous. Electrical Synergies offers expert electrical outlet installation whenever you need it. We can install more outlets to increase a room’s versatility and replace old ones that have run their course.


The Right Time for Outlet Installation, Outlet Repair, or Replacement

Primarily, there are two times when you should consider a new electrical outlet installation:

  • You don’t have enough outlets to operate your devices
  • Your electrical outlets are damaged in some way and require outlet repair

If your outlets ever feel warm or hot to the touch, you should call a professional electrician right away to get the outlet inspected and replaced. If your outlets ever spark, you should do the same. No matter the case, if you need electrical outlet repair or new outlet installation services, Electrical Synergies can help!


GFCI Outlet Installation

You have probably seen GFCI outlets before. They’re the outlets with the extra buttons, typically located in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, or around the exterior of your home. These are unique outlets designed with safety in mind. GFCI stands for ground-fault circuit interrupter, meaning that if the outlet detects a surge or current changes, it cuts all flowing power instantaneously. That significantly reduces the risk of shock.

We can install GFCI outlets wherever you need and upgrade old outlets wherever you choose. It never hurts to have more GFCI outlets in your home. Call us, and we’ll set your mind at peace!


Benefits of a GFCI Outlet Installation

Besides their ability to protect you from painful or fatal shocks, GFCI outlets can bring your home up to code. GFCI outlets installation is required by federal code wherever moisture may be present, like your bathroom, kitchen, garage, or deck. Count on the professional electricians at Electrical Synergies for all of your GFCI outlet wiring and installation needs.


Light Switch Installation

Light switches are versatile components. They not only control power to your light fixtures, but they can also direct power to your outlets. If you’re remodeling or adding an addition to your home, give us a call for light switch installation services and rest assured that they will be wired properly by a professional.

Would you like certain fixtures controlled by a light switch near a door? Would you like certain outlets powered by different buttons? Whatever your vision may be, the licensed electricians at Electrical Synergies can make it happen.


Dimmer Switch Installation

Dimmer switches are perfect for setting a mood or atmosphere where it counts the most. With our dimmer switches, you can take control of the brightness of any room. With lighting ranging from resplendent to romantic, you can set just about any tone you wish. Best of all, dimmer switches convert any light fixture into a significantly more efficient one. Since you have full control over the brightness of the space, you can limit how much power is consumed by your light fixtures.

If natural light is pouring into the room, but you need just a little more, adjust the dimmer switch for a small amount of added light. Sneaking into the kitchen for a midnight snack? Give the dimmer switch the slightest nudge and spare your eyes from the sudden brightness. If you need more light in your office as the sun goes down, slowly increase your light levels, so you can stay focused.


Upgrade Your Outlets and Switches with Electrical Synergies

If you require new outlets, outlet repair, or electrical switch and outlet wiring services for your home, Electrical Synergies is available to assist at any time. Give us a call us at (920) 660-2405 or contact us online to schedule you for service.